"A Life Worth Dreaming About"

"A Life Worth Dreaming About"
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"A Life Worth Dreaming About" reviews


--- Linda


--- Scott B.

A feel good book.

--- Hannah F.

“I like the easy, accessible style.”

--- Julia Forster, author of “Shadow Jumper”

“Extremely intriguing.”

--- Lisa Lickel, author of five novels, including “The Map Quilt”

“Good straight forward storytelling and the hook at the end of Chapter 1 works well, when we think the excitement is over. ... The writing is quite good.”

--- Tod Schneider, author of “The Lost Wink”

“It was an enjoyable read. Once I got into it, it kept my interest to see where it was going.”

--- Jill Badzinski, former editor West Bend (Wis.) Daily News

“I like the story. Carl reminds me of Patrick Bateman in ‘American Psycho.’ They are both loners and have a fondness for expensive clothes. I like the description in the first chapters of his interaction, or rather lack of it with his colleagues. I think it's good.”

--- Maria Gibbons, author of “Past, Present, Future?”

Sunday, September 23, 2012

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